Jillian Horton

Jillian Horton
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"With a silky smooth voice that echoes the late Eva Cassidy and a storytelling sensibility that takes cues from Joni Mitchell, the 30-year-old Horton hits all the right notes on her debut." - Exclaim! Magazine

"Her melodic tunes redefine all that is classical, with Horton adding a distinctive Canadian vibe." - The Gazette

The debut recording of Jillian Horton, a singer/songwriter whose songs speak of beauty and pain, a pianist of depth shaped through years of rigorous classical study. Her music is a synthesis of poetic lyrics and haunting melodic lines, with echoes of inspirational forces as far flung as Joni Mitchell and Erik Satie.

Her songs are tender journeys through facets of life recognizable to all who have ever hoped, loved, lost…and hoped again. Sung in a voice that moves from a pure, light-as-a-feather whisper, to a bold soaring cry. Catalog: MAR 317

Track Listing

  1. Less of Me
  2. Winnipeg (Listen)
  3. All the Pretty Horses (Listen)
  4. Back in These Old Jeans
  5. Good Strong Coffee
  6. Born Yesterday
  7. Untouchable
  8. Beautiful Ride
  9. Dinosaur Park
  10. Song for an Evening in June

Total playing time: 45:13

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