Thru the Wounded Sky

Glenn Buhr
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"His melodies are wonderfully evocative... an exceptional outing." - Globe and Mail

"Top track: Rollicking 13-minute "Hay Island Hoedown" with a great theme, lively group offerings and sparkling solos." - Toronto Star

"Born in the wild, the music stayed wild. It's the way we all like it." - Glenn Buhr

This is a jazz recording of studio sessions featuring composer and improvisational pianist Glenn Buhr with his musical friends on bass, sax, guitar and drums. The music was recorded just after a successful 15-week road-trip, and captures the energy and magical moments of the tour.

Glenn says: "I've found many kindred spirits among jazz artists. They're all imaginative musicians who need to be creating the music while they perform it. Improvisation has been important to my work as well, and so has jazz, though my improvisations aren't always in the jazz style.

This recording is the product of a coming together of several generous improvisational jazz musicians. They're all gifted artists. All of them my good friends.

Early in 2006, this ensemble played several gigs together over the course of fifteen weeks; it was about thirty-five hours of live performance. Our budget didn't allow for any rehearsals for these shows, so I brought the new compositions in one at a time and we gradually developed them in front of an audience. The day after our final performance we went into the studio and recorded a few takes of each new work."

Glenn Buhr is a composer, improvisational pianist and band leader. He first came to national attention when his large orchestral works were premiered by the Toronto and Montreal Symphony Orchestras in the mid-80s, then as front man (with conductor Bramwell Tovey) for the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra's radical and popular New Music Festival in the mid-90s.

Musicians on the recording:
Gilles Fournier, acoustic and electric bass / Ken Gold, alto and baritone saxophone
Scott Good, trombone / Greg Lowe, guitar
Chuck McClelland, tenor saxophone / Richard Moody, viola
Rob Siwik, drums / Glenn Buhr, piano
Special guest: Margaret Sweatman, poet

Catalog: MAR 367
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Track Listing

  1. Jackhammer
  2. Holding Pattern
  3. Steal Away
  4. Red she dances
  5. Thru the wounded sky
  6. Adagio (after Mozart) (Listen)
  7. Hay Island Hoedown (Listen)

Total Playing Time: 54:17

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