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Susan Hoeppner
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Appreciated for being a "born soloist" (Globe & Mail), where "one can almost hear the words in her flute song" (Washington Post), flutist Susan Hoeppner is in great demand as an international solo recitalist and chamber musician.

Susan Hoeppner writes about the music on this recording:

"The Muczynski, Burton, Copland, Barber are pieces I performed frequently when I was studying at Juilliard, and on performance tours while I was still in school. They were very special to me then and now. Lowell Liebermann and I were at Juilliard together - he was doing his Doctorate at the time. I remember getting together with him at a cafe on 57th St. to talk about music. He was asking what the flute was capable of doing, as he wanted to write for the instrument. While this Sonata was not written for me, I love it as if it were my own!

Corigliano - I love the man and his music. I met him in 1981 when I was new at Juilliard.  A very heady experience! He had just completed the Pied Piper Concerto for James Galway, and Galway was not available when John needed to hear the piece.  Jimmy asked me if I would learn and play it (practically overnight, though in reality, one week) for the composer. I accepted, and my respect for his music began that year. "

Susan is accompanied on this recording by pianist Lydia Wong.

Catalog: MAR 413
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Track Listing

Eldin Burton (1913-1979): Sonatina
1.       I Allegretto grazioso (Listen)
2.      II Andantino Sognando
3.     III Allegro giocoso quasi fandango

Samuel Barber (1910 –1981)         
4. Canzone from Piano Concerto, 2nd Movement

Lowell Liebermann (b 1961):
Sonata for Flute and Piano, Op. 23
5.        I Lento con rubato
6.       II Presto energico

John Corigliano (b 1938)        
7.        Voyage

Aaron Copland (1900-1990): Duo for Flute and Piano
8.       I Flowing
9.      II Poetic, somewhat mournful
10.   III Lively, with bounce

Robert Muczynski (b. 1929): Sonata, Op.14
11.     I Allegro deciso
12.    II Scherzo
13.   III Andante
14.   IV Allegro con moto

Total playing time: 60:57

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