La Harpe Fantastique

Judy Loman
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Virtuoso harpist Judy Loman records her favourite music. As one reviewer said, "You may never hear a better harpist". With a career spanning over 60 years, Judy Loman is at the very forefront of harpists. Music by Carlos Salzedo, Astor Piazzolla and more.

Catalog: MAR 619

Track Listing:

1. Henriette Renié Ballade Fantastique
2. Caroline Lizotte Madone op. 43
3. Carlos Salzedo Variations on a Theme in Ancient Style op. 30
4. Astor Piazzolla Oblivion arr. Julia Kay Jamieson
5. Marcel Tournier 2nd Sonatine pour la harpe op. 45 I
6. Marcel Tournier 2nd Sonatine pour la harpe op. 45 II
7. Marcel Tournier 2nd Sonatine pour la harpe op. 45 III
8. Carlos Salzedo Lamentation

Total playing time: 65:01

Judy Loman's notes about the music:

Ballade Fantastique: Renié’s story behind the piece is that of The Telltale Heart, by Edgar Allen Poe. The story is told by a narrator who murders an old man because they think the old man has an evil eye. The score stands on its own as a strong and exciting piece.

Madone: The piece describes the interaction between mother and child. There are three main lines in the piece, that of the mother singing to the child, the grating of her rocking chair in the bass line and the filigree of gentle arpeggios that pull it together; something like a jazz trio.

Variations on a Theme in Ancient Style: This piece is an all time favorite of harpists. I have loved it since I first heard it echoing from the windows of different houses in Camden, Maine where I went for my first lessons with Carlos Salzedo. It is usually performed in its shorter form, sanctioned by Salzedo, which leaves out an unusual ending. I have recorded the piece without the ending a few times but am pleased to finally put it all together with its intended ending.

Oblivion: I first heard the harp version of this piece in a beautiful and heartfelt performance by its arranger, my friend Julia Kay Jamieson. It brought tears to my eyes and I knew that I just had to play it! I thank Julia for allowing me to record it!

2nd Sonatine by Marcel Tournier: This piece is not as well known as Tournier’s other works. I heard a recording of it by the fantastic Australian harpist, Alice Giles and knew that at some time I would have to learn it! The piece is dedicated to Tournier’s wife and I like to think of the interactions of the two of them while playing the flamboyant chords, arpeggios and melodies of the piece.

Lamentation: A tragic event in Salzedo’s life inspired this piece. An unrelenting combination of grief and anger fills me with temporary despair every time I play it!

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