On Tour

Check these links for more information about Marquis artists and their upcoming concerts:

Robert Aitken

The Aldeburgh Connection

Maria Antonakos

Donna Bennett, Brian Finley and "Concerts at the Barn"

Linda Bouchard


Glenn Buhr

James Campbell

José Cueto

David Drosinos

Duo Concertante: web site / Facebook

Duo Turgeon

Elmer Iseler Singers

Amanda Forsyth

Lily Frost: web site / Facebook / Twitter

Erica Goodman

Stewart Goodyear web site / Facebook / Twitter

David Greenberg

Mak Grgic

Susan Hoeppner

Jillian Horton

Michael Jarvis

Molly Johnson

Jupiter String Quartet

Dmitry Kouzov

Yevgeny Kutik web site / Facebook / Twitter

Vladimir Lande

Jens Lindemann web site / Twitter

Luchkow-Stadlen-Jarvis Trio

Scott Macmillan

Manhattan Piano Trio web site / Facebook

Catherine Manoukian

Kevin McMillan

Maxim Mogilevsky

Nathaniel Dett Chorale

Wendy Nielsen

Patricia O'Callaghan: web site / Facebook

The Orfeo Duo

Penderecki String Quartet

The Poulenc Trio: web site / Facebook

St. Petersburg String Quartet

Connie Shih

Robert Silverman web site / Twitter

Sinfonia Toronto: web site / Facebook

James Sommerville

Spanish Brass web site / Facebook / Twitter

Richard Stoltzman

St├ęphan Sylvestre

Dione Taylor: web site / myspace

Toronto Children's Chorus web site / Facebook / Twitter

The Toronto Consort web site / Facebook

Trio con Brio Copenhagen

Trio Lyra

Trio Norté

Trio Solisti / Tellerude Music Festival

Victoria Baroque

Xiayin Wang: web site / Facebook / iPhone App

Winona Zelenka web site / Facebook