Celtic Mass for the Sea

Scott Macmillan
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"The Celtic Mass for the Sea, with intelligent and moving libretto by Jennyfer Brickenden, is a work of grace and magnitude: it is a large, serious, forward-looking work... it is a living statement of an exciting new dimension of our contemporary Atlantic Canadian culture." - The Coast

"Macmillan's score is as rich in musical imagery as Jennyfer Brickenden's compiled Celtic texts in verbal metaphor. In the rolling melodic lines, thundering rhythms and crashing climaxes, the sound and mingled motions of the sea are musically embodied from first note to last... And over it all, from time to time, the melancholy strains of the Irish pipes, the mandolin, the harp, the fiddle and the guitar waft over the surface of the music like wisps and tatters of sun-swollen fog." - Stephen Pederson, Halifax Chronicle Herald

"Beyond marvelous" - Vicki Gabereau, CBC.

This mass is a unique celebration of the sea's majesty, ferocity and vitality, with words and music based on Celtic themes. A powerfully imagined work for chorus, strings, and Celtic instrumental quintet. Composed by Scott Macmillan, with libretto by Jennyfer Brickenden. "The Celtic Mass for the Sea" celebrated its 10th anniversaryin 2001 - the anniversary of its premiere performance with Symphony Nova Scotia and the Halifax Camerata Singers. Since then, "The Celtic Mass for the Sea" has been performed every year somewhere in Canada and also in the United States.

Catalog: MAR 149
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Track Listing

  1. Introit
  2. Introit
  3. Introit
  4. Kyrie
  5. Gloria, Liturgy (Listen)
  6. First Reading
  7. Second Reading
  8. Second Reading
  9. Second Reading
  10. Second Reading
  11. Second Reading
  12. Second Reading
  13. Second Reading
  14. Credo
  15. Sanctus
  16. Benedictus (Listen)
  17. Agnus Dei & Dismissal

Total playing time: 56:29

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