Chopin & Schumann: Piano Trios

Manhattan Piano Trio
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This release celebrates the 200th anniversary year (2010) of both Chopin and Schumann. The trio says:

"These two four-movement works have more in common than their brooding key signature of G minor. Chopin and Schumann share a use of particularly inventive melodic and harmonic language; and the two trios share an earnest, heartfelt lyricism that is so genuine and really quite irresistible."

The Manhattan Piano Trio has quickly become one of the most creative, exciting, and dynamic young ensembles in the United States.

Its members are:
Milana Strezeva-piano
Wayne Lee-violin
Dmitry Kouzov-cello

Catalog: MAR 411
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Track Listing

Frederic Chopin: Piano Trio in G minor, op. 8
1.    I     Allegro con Fuoco (Listen)
2.    II    Scherzo      
3.    III   Adagio Sostenuto    
4.    IV    Finale: Allegretto   
Robert Schumann: Piano Trio in G minor # 3, op. 110
5.    I      Bewegt, doch nicht zu rasch
6.    II     Ziemlich langsam  
7.    III    Rasch  
8.    IV    Kraeftig, mit Humor  

Total playing time: 59:46

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