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Rachel Gauk
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"[A recording] we took for a spin and can't seem to put away... Gauk has a powerful gift of emotional expression that is rare in guitarists of any age. " – Acoustic Guitar

"Gauk's stylish and cleanly executed performances would be hard to better... one awaits a follow up CD with great interest." - Classical Guitar Magazine

"Gauk is a musician of compelling skill and well balanced taste... admirable range of attack and a good measure of rhythmic verve." - The Globe and Mail

"A guitar lover's delight" - Network Magazine

"Startling good...an artist of great musicality and rhythmic sense...virtual perfection." - Sound + Vision Magazine

Guitarist Rachel Gauk performs Spanish and Latin works.

Catalog: MAR 137
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Track Listing

  1. Danza Brasilera - Jorge Morel
  2. Romance Criollo - Jorge Morel
  3. Misionera - Fernando Bustamante
  4. Danza in E minor - Jorge Morel
  5. El Marabino - Antonio Lauro
  6. Valses Venezolanos no 2, El negrito - Antonio Lauro (Listen)
  7. Valses Venezolanos no 1, El marabino - Antonio Lauro
  8. Romance del Pescador from El amor brujo - Manuel de Falla
  9. Canción del fuego fatuo from El amor brujo - Manuel de Falla
  10. Canción y Danza no 1- Ruiz Pipo
  11. Danza - Ruiz Pipo
  12. Estudios sencillos no 16 - Leo Brouwer
  13. Estudios sencillos no 17 - Leo Brouwer
  14. Estudios sencillos no 14 - Leo Brouwer
  15. El decamerón negro: El Arpa del Guerroro - Leo Brouwer
  16. El decamerón negro: La Huida de los Amantes por el Valle de los Ecos - Leo Brouwer
  17. El decamerón negro: Ballada de la Donncella Enamorada - Leo Brouwer
  18. Greensleeves - Traditional
  19. Habanera - Eduardo Sainz de la Maza
  20. Campañas del Alba - Eduardo Sainz de la Maza
  21. Spanish Dance No 1 - La vida breve - de Falla (Listen)

Total Playing Time: 63:37

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