Mendelssohn & Beethoven Quartets

Jupiter String Quartet
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The Jupiter String Quartet writes: "We present here the final works of two master composers - Felix Mendelssohn's String Quartet Op. 80 and Ludwig van Beethoven's String Quartet Op. 135. Both are wonderful quartets, exhibiting the composers at the height of their abilities, and yet we were struck by the extreme contrast in emotional worlds presented in the two works.

Although Mendelssohn lived a relatively happy life, we discover here the flip-side of his normally sunny personality, as he creates a work filled with dark turbulence and heartbreak. Alternatively, although Beethoven's emotional struggles are widely documented, his final work is one of delightful capriciousness and joy, ending in a spirit of humorous fun."

The Jupiter String Quartet, formed in 2001, is one of the most talented and exciting groups of young American classical musicians. The members are violinists Nelson Lee and Megan Freivogel McDonough, violist Liz Freivogel and cellist Daniel McDonough.

"[Their] intensity of spirit, which they consistently engaged throughout the evening, will perhaps be one of their signature trademarks." - New York Concert Reviews

Catalog: MAR 405
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Track Listing

Felix Mendelssohn
Quartet in F Minor, Op. post 80
1.     I    Allegro vivace assai (Listen)
2.     II   Allegro assai
3.     III  Adagio
4.     IV  Finale: Allegro molto

Ludwig van Beethoven
Quartet in F Major, Op. 135
5.     I    Allegretto (Listen)
6.     II   Vivace
7.     III  Assai lento, cantante e tranquillo
8.     IV  Grave, ma non troppo tratto

Total Playing Time: 51:51

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