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"Christmas music from Latin America and Spain sung by Canadian Medieval and Renaissance specialists. The Toronto Consort bring us 17 songs from the 16th and 17th centuries with an infectious enthusiasm, reminding us of the dance origins of carols. 'Navidad' is the title of the disc. It’s terrific." - Gramophone, December 2012

"It’s great work all ’round, and the music is guaranteed to set a listener’s toes a-tapping." - John Terauds, Musical Toronto

"This is an excellent recording to liven up the Christmas season." - Dianne Wells, The Wholenote, December 2102

Navidad is a Christmas celebration of the lively and compelling repertoire of dances from 16th and 17th-century Latin America and Spain. Performed by The Toronto Consort.

Since its founding in 1972, The Toronto Consort has become internationally recognized for its excellence in the performance of Medieval, Renaissance and early Baroque music. The Consort’s goal is to explore new repertoire and new ways to bring early music to the modern audience. The Consort tours across Canada, the United States and Europe.

"Almost anything performed by the Toronto Consort cheers me right up. This band - so expert, so rhythmically alive, so humorous, at times so touching - has such an infectious time doing what it does so well, I just sit and smile." - Ken Winters, The Globe and Mail.

Catalog: Mar 435
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Track Listing

  1. Convidando está la noche - Juan García de Zéspedes (1619-1678)
  2. Riu, riu, chiu - attr. to Bartolomeo Cárceres
  3. Recercada segunda - Diego Ortiz (c.1510-c.1570)
  4. A un niño llorando - Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599)
  5. Canten dos jilguerillos - Francisco Escalada (fl. 1670s)
  6. Gaitas & Folías gallegas - based on Santiago de Murcia(c.1682-c.1740)
  7. Tarara, qui yo soy Anton - Antonio de Salazar (c.1650-1715)
  8. Tleycantimo choquiliya - Gaspar Fernandes (c.1570-1629) (Listen)
  9. Xicochi - Gaspar Fernandes
  10. ¡O grandes paces! - Francisco Guerrero
  11. Ay, luna que reluzes - Anonymous
  12. Marizápolos, part 1 - Anonymous
  13. Marizápolos, part 2 - Anonymous
  14. Virgen Sancta - Francisco Guerrero
  15. Xácaras - Anonymous
  16. Sanctissima Maria - Francisco Guerrero
  17. Ay andar, andar - Juan de Araujo (1646-1712)

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