Romantic Dances

Duo Turgeon
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"They play every piece beautifully, with plenty of life in the quicker music and with evident affection throughout: and they are very well recorded…Quite lovely.” — Soundstage

Romantic Dances for Duo Piano features music from the golden age of piano duets. This wonderful 19th century music is performed by the award-winning piano Duo Turgeon: Edward and Anne-Louise Turgeon.

In 1998 they won the Grand Prize at the Sixth Murray Dranoff International Two Piano competition, and in 1995 they won First Prize in the International Schubert Competition for Piano Duos. This husband-and-wife team have selected their favorite piano duets of the period for their debut CD.

Catalog: MAR 241
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Track Listing

Max Reger

  1. Waltzes, Op. 22, No. 1 (Listen)
  2. Waltzes, Op. 22, No. 4
  3. Waltzes, Op. 22, No. 6
  4. Waltz Caprices, Op. 9, No. 7
  5. Waltz Caprices, Op. 9, No. 9

Franz Schubert

  1. Deutscher W. Two Trios And Two Landlers, D. 618
  2. Polonaise in E, D. 824, No. 6

Johannes Brahms

  1. Hungarian Dances No. 5
  2. Hungarian Dances No. 6
  3. Hungarian Dances No. 7
  4. Hungarian Dances No. 8

Moritz Moszkowski

  1. Polish Folk Dances: I. Mazurka
  2. Polish Folk Dances: II. Mazurka
  3. Polish Folk Dances: III. Polonaise
  4. Polish Folk Dances: IV. Krakowiac

Antonin Dvorak

  1. Slavonic Dance, Op. 72, No. 8

Edvard Grieg

  1. Norwegian Dances No. 1
  2. Norwegian Dances No. 2 (Listen)
  3. Norwegian Dances No. 3
  4. Norwegian Dances No. 4

Total playing time: 69:51

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