Sefarád: Music of Sid Robinovitch

Sid Robinovitch, composer
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Sefarád refers to the Jewish cultural sphere which had its origins in Spain and spread throughout the various countries of Southern Europe, North Africa, and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The music on this recording represents some of the ways composer Sid Robinovitch has brought these worlds into his work. The pieces on this album, through select instrumentation (clarinet, cello, double bass, percussion and voice), range widely over the musical landscape, yet it is the sound of the guitar that infuses everything we hear with its own unique blend of intimacy and exoticism.

Catalog: MAR 389
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Track Listing

I. Dance Set #3 (Clarinet, Cello, Guitar)
    1. I. Tango
    2. II. Waltz
    3. III. Introduction and Quickstep

II. Song of Songs (Singer, Guitar, Clarinet, Percussion)
    4. I. The Rose of Sharon
    5. II. I Am My Beloved's and He is Mine
    6. III. Bind me as a Seal upon your Heart
    7. IV Until the King Returns

III. Four Sephardic Folk-Songs (Guitar Trio, Percussion)
      Arrangements of traditional Judeo-Spanish folk-songs
      8. I. Una Matica de Ruda (A Sprig of Rue)
      9. II. Porque Llorax Blanca Niña?
          (Why Do You Cry, My Fair Young Girl?)
    10. III. El Rey de Francia (The King of France)
    11. IV. Yo Era Niña de Casa Alta
          (I Was a Girl from a Noble Family)

IV. Klezmer in Granada (2 Clarinets, Guitar, Double Bass)
     12. I. Mit Gefihl
     13. II. Lebedik

14. Rodas Recordada (Singer, Alto, Baritone, Guitar, Clarinet,Cello)

Total playing time: 58:35

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