Soaring With Agamemnon

Amanda Forsyth
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"... Edmonton-based Malcolm Forsyth writes in an engagingly accessible, colloquially flavoured style and his daughter... plays his music with obvious love and devotion." - The Toronto Star

"Cellist Amanda Forsyth explores the many moods, shifts in tempi, and harmonic changes with passion and ease. Sound reproduction and liner notes are exemplary." - Performing Arts Magazine

This unique CD presents the brilliant talents of award-winning composer Malcolm Forsyth (1936-2011) in a program of music written over two decades for his daughter, cellist Amanda Forsyth.

There are seven works by Malcolm Forsyth, including Burlesque, Pop's Cycle, Andante for Sagittarius, Rondo in Stride and Eight Duets for Young Cellists. Also included is Gavin Bryars's The South Downs and Arvo Part's Spiegel im Spiegel.

Catalog: MAR 231
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Track Listing
Music by Malcolm Forsyth unless otherwise noted.

  1. Burlesque
  2. Pop's Cycle (Electric Suite):  I. Potpourri
  3. Pop's Cycle (Electric Suite):  II. Song Of Light
  4. Pop's Cycle (Electric Suite):  III. Ripsnorter Finale
  5. Andante From Sagittarius
  6. The South Drowns (by Gavin Bryars)
  7. Rondo In Stride
  8. Eclogue
  9. The Swan Sees His Reflection
  10. Eight Duets For Young Cellists:  I. Pitter Patter, Mouse In Batter
  11. Eight Duets For Young Cellists:  II. You And Me
  12. Eight Duets For Young Cellists:  III. The Mystery Of A Cave
  13. Eight Duets For Young Cellists:  IV.  The Funny Bone
  14. Eight Duets For Young Cellists:  V. Two Giraffes
  15. Eight Duets For Young Cellists:  VI. The Sad Clown With A Happy Face
  16. Eight Duets For Young Cellists:  VII. Ambling Along
  17. Eight Duets For Young Cellists:  VIII. Hop, Step, Skip
  18. Spiegel Im Spiegel (by Arvo Part) (Listen)

Total playing time: 72:13

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