Spring Any Day Now

David Greenberg
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"Not your average collection of fiddle tunes and all the better for it.  The mood is never somber or too respectful and this pair should be encouraged to give us more." – Folk & Country Review

"David McGuinness and his Concerto Caledonia never fail to add spice to a performance of early music… it makes for robust entertainment." – The Scotsman

Acclaimed Baroque violinist and Celtic fiddler David Greenberg continues his exploration of traditional Scottish music - this time with Scottish keyboard player David McGuinness and Concerto Caledonia.

Starting out in 18th century Scotland, the musicians range far afield in both place and time, as they bring the stylings of Scottish early music to Finnish folk songs and more. The virtuoso playing and the musicians' enthusiasm make Spring Any Day Now a joyful celebration of the Scottish style.

Catalog: MAR 325
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Track Listing

  1. Spring any day now - Fred Frith
  2. Pearlin Peggie's Bonny, or, the Laird of Foveran
    The Kail Reets of Fittie
    The Warld's gane o'er me now - Traditional
  3. Martyrs - Traditional
    O lusty May - Traditional
  4. Invercald's Rant
    The Fyket
    Janny Nettles - Traditional (Listen)
  5. Ellun Sotiisi - Arto Järvelä
    Kruunupyyn katrilli - Timo Alakotila
    Laitisen Mankeliska - Mauno Järvelä/Timo Alakotila
  6. Echidna's Arf (of You) - Frank Zappa
  7. My Bonny Laddie has my heart - Traditional
    Roseate Tern - Paul Stewart Cranford
  8. The Bonniest Lass in a the Warld - Robert Bremner
  9. Norrgården Nyvla - Fred Frith
    Szapora from Kalotaszeg - Traditional
  10. Good to get home - David McGuinness
  11. Hit her on the Bum - Robert Bremner
  12. Up in the morning early - Robert Bremner
  13. Swingin' Jim Johnson's Birthday Blues
    Dad's Day '87 - David Greenberg
  14. Lachlann Dubh - Traditional

Total playing time: 65:18

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