The Genius of Salzedo

Judy Loman
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Original works and transcriptions for harp alone.
All transcriptions by Carlos Salzedo.

"Judy Loman's program constitutes a well-conceived and substantial addition to the harp discography. It is so well played, so well recorded and contains such good music that it would be a shame if only harpists were attracted to it. Her musicianship is beyond question, and she displays complete mastery of her instrument." - Music Magazine

"... brilliant interpretations of pieces that range from virtuoso displays to moments of touching lyricism." - The Globe and Mail

Catalog: MAR 117
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Track Listing

  1. Flight
  2. Idyllic Poem
  3. Inquietude
  4. Quietude (Listen)
  5. Iridescence
  6. Whirlwind
  7. Preludes intimes
  8. G.F. Handel: The Harmonious Blacksmith
  9. G. B. Pescetti: Sonata in C minor
  10. Archangelo Corelli: Giga (Listen)
  11. Josef Haydn: Theme and Variations
  12. I wonder as I wander
  13. Jeux d'eau
Total playing time: 50:45

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