The Russian Music Box

Anya Alexeyev
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"… her cheeky irony… her modernist slant… her precise touch… her choice of repertoire is fresh and engaging… an easy winner, strongly recommended." - Fanfare

The Russian Music Box is a collection of Russian piano music from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This undeservedly forgotten yet sublimely beautiful repertoire has been given a voice by the talented pianist Anya Alexeyev. "The Fairy Tales" by Prokofiev and Medtner; the preludes and small pieces by Lyadov; and the virtually unknown and very demanding "Balakirev Sonata" and "Toccata" are skilfully performed and delivered with an arresting sensitivity and grace.

Catalog: MAR 359
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Track Listing

Miliy Balakirev: Sonata in B-flat minor
  1.   Andante
  2.   Mazurka
  3.   Intermezzo
  4.   Finale: Allegro non troppo, ma con fuoco

Anatol Liadov
  5.   Prelude op.46, no.1, Con moto
  6.   Prelude op.46, no.2, Agitato
  7.   Prelude op.36, no.3, Moderato
  8.   Prelude op.40, no.2, Allegretto
  9.   Une Tabatiere a Musique, valse-badinage, op.32, Automaticamente
10.   Theme Russe op.33, no.1, Adagio
11.   Prelude op.36, no.1, Con moto
12.   Prelude op.36, no.2, Allegro

Anatol Liadov: 4 Morceaux op.64
13.   Grimace
14.   Tenebres
15.   Tentation
16.   Reminiscence

Anatol Liadov
17.   Mazurka in F minor op.57, no.3, Allegretto con Amarezza

Nikolai Medtner: 4 Fairy Tales
18.   Op.20, no.1 - Allegro con espressione
19.   Op.26, no.1 - Allegro frescamente
20.   Op.26, no.3 - Narrante a piacere
21.   Op.20, no.2 - "Campanella": Pesante. Minaccioso

Sergey Prokofiev: Tales of an Old Grandmother op.31
22.   Moderato
23.   Andantino
24.   Andante Assai
25.   Sostenuto

Miliy Balakirev
26.   Toccata in C-sharp minor (1902), Allegro non troppo

Total playing time 68:54

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