Slow Fox

Patricia O'Callaghan
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"...classic cabaret songs in a program that is stunning, both emotionally and in appreciation of her fine voice and interpretive talent." - Toronto Free Press

Patricia O'Callaghan brings together the worlds of cabaret songs, Kurt Weill's Broadway, and Leonard Cohen's bittersweet views of love. Accompanied by pianist Robert Kortgaard and a cabaret ensemble, Patricia O'Callaghan brings new meaning to these wonderful songs.

See also Real Emotional Girl, the international version of this recording, which includes 5 of the same songs.

Catalog: Mar 233
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Track Listing

  1. Take This Waltz - Leonard Cohen
  2. Polly' Song - Kurt Weill
  3. Captain Valentine's Tango - Kurt Weill
  4. Slow Fox & Algi Song - Kurt Weill
  5. Arie Aus Dem Spiegel von Arkadien - Arnold Schoenberg
  6. The Farewell Letter - Kurt Weill
  7. Galathea - Arnold Schoenberg (Listen)
  8. Barbara's Song - Kurt Weill
  9. Gigerlette - Arnold Schoenberg
  10. Nanna's Song - Kurt Weill
  11. Der Nachtwandler - Arnold Schoenberg
  12. Lonely House - Kurt Weill
  13. We'll Go Away - Kurt Weill
  14. Stay Well - Kurt Weill
  15. Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen (Listen)

Total playing time: 54:48

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