Rhapsody Judaica

Timofeyev Ensemble
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"Musically rich, rhythmically captivating, with brilliant klezmer pieces and modern Jewish-themed compositions… this album in an enchanting find." - Hadassah Magazine

Guitarist Oleg Timofeyev says: "According to Shostakovich, 'the distinguishing feature of Jewish music is the ability to build a jolly melody on sad intonations.' This is what we love about our repertoire, and we invite our listeners to cry and laugh with us.

Growing up in a Jewish family in Moscow, I started performing Yiddish tunes with my mother as soon as I started playing guitar. We played with a small band in private apartments of refuzniks and felt the pleasant excitement of engaging in underground anti-Soviet acts. Today we are resisting no one, there is no point to prove - there is only a deep and inexhaustible love for Yiddish folklore and Jewish melos."

This recording features: Oleg Timofeyev, guitar / Natalia Timofeyeva, cello / Robert Paredes, clarinet / Matthew Burrier, accordion and Daniel Moore, percussion

Catalog: MAR 349
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Track Listing

1. Ikh zits un shpil oyf mayn gitare (trad., arr. by L. Kogan)
2. Aleksandr Spivakovsky, Jewish Dance *
3. Shuster un shneider tantz (trad.)
4. Doyna and Freilekhs (trad.)

Sergei Kaufmann: Suite Yiddish
5. Chant
6. Psalmodie
7. Prière

8. Bulgar (trad.)
9. Varshaver Freilekhs (trad.)
10. Der gasn nigun (trad.)
11. Mario Castelnuevo-Tedesco: Chant Hebraïque
12. Alexander Vinitsky: Klezmer Fantasy *
13. Papirossen (Herman Yablokoff)

Aaron Minsky: Judaic Concert Suite *
14. Entrance of Bride and Groom
15. Adon Olam (Jewish Prayer)
16. Sound of the Shofar

17. Terkishe yale v'yove tantz
18. Misha Elman: Eli, Eli
19. Freilekhs (trad.)

* World Premiere Recording

Total playing time: 1:06

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