Parallels: Piano Music of Scriabin

Anya Alexeyev
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"Alexeyev is skilled and expressively adept... and she plays with great energy and passion." - Allmusic Guide

Scriabin and Roslavets were contemporaries, but their individual lives could not have been more different.  Scriabin was born into an aristocratic Moscow family, had access from a young age to the best formal music training available, completed studies at the Moscow Conservatory at 20, and enjoyed recognition as a brilliant concert pianist and innovative composer during his lifetime and after his untimely death.

Roslavets came from a rural background outside of Russia proper, taught himself to play the violin as a youngster and then obtained enough formal training to enter the Moscow Conservatory at the age of 21, fell into political disfavour along with many modernist artists after the Russian Revolution. Nevertheless, the music of these two composers is connected by a common concept, that being the synthetic chord.

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Track Listing

Scriabin: Sonata-Fantasia no.2, op.19 (1892-1897)
1.    Andante
2.    Presto

Roslavets: Sonata no.2 (1916)
3.    Moderato con moto - Allegro moderato

Scriabin: Two Poems op.32 (1903)
4.    Andante cantabile (Listen)
5.    Allegro Con eleganza. Con fiducia

Roslavets: Two Poems (1920)
6.     Allegretto; fervid
7.     Moderato

Scriabin: Five Preludes op.74 (1914)
8.     Douloureux, déchirant
9.     Trés lent, contemplatif
10.   Allegro drammatico
11.   Lent, vague, indécis
12.   Fier, belliqueux

Roslavets: Five Preludes (1919-1922)
13.   Andante affettuoso
14.   Allegretto con moto
15.   Lento
16.   Lento
17.   Lento; rubato

Scriabin: Three Etudes, op.65 (1911-1912)
18.   Allegro fantastico
19.   Allegretto
20.   Molto vivace

Roslavets: Three Etudes (1914)
21.   Affettamente
22.   Con dolce maniera
23.   Burlando

Total playing time: 73:00

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