Judy Loman
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"…so exciting and aurally imaginative" – Magic Flute Newsletter

"Loman moves from style to style with elegant ease: Her playing, and that of the TSO colleagues who join her, make this disc recommendable." – Opus

Throughout her career, Judy Loman has championed new music for the harp. She has provided many composers with the impetus to write great music - continuing the legacy of her teacher, Carlos Salzedo. This recording features five works by some of Canada's mosty talented and well-known composers.

Catalog: MAR 297

Track Listing

  1. King David Sonata I: In the Fields (Srul Irving Glick)
  2. King David Sonata II: David and Saul (Srul Irving Glick)
  3. King David Sonata III: David the King (Srul Irving Glick)
  4. Wild Bird (R. Murray Shafer)
  5. Danses Abstraites: "Ye Vie" - Presto (Glenn Buhr)
  6. Danses Abstraites: "Bal Fisel" - Lento (Glenn Buhr)
  7. Danses Abstraites: Kimiad - Prestissimo (Glenn Buhr)
  8. Illuminations: Star (Kelly-Marie Murphy)
  9. Illuminations: Candle (Kelly-Marie Murphy)
  10. Illuminations: Arc (Kelly-Marie Murphy)
  11. The Lyre of Orpheus: Eurydice, Bride of Orpheus (Raymond Luedeke)
  12. The Lyre of Orpheus: Persephone, Queen of Darkness (Raymond Luedeke)
  13. The Lyre of Orpheus: The Wild Women of Ciconia (Raymond Luedeke)
  14. The Lyre of Orpheus: Elegy, in Praise of Orpheus (Raymond Luedeke)

Total Playing Time: 67:19

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