Rachel Gauk
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"This Canadian guitar star continues to build an impressive catalog with this release of modern post-Segovia works. Gauk provides her own thoughtful notes to complement her masterful, sensitive playing." - The Winnipeg Sun

"Those interested in repertoire that is unhackneyed yet fully accessible will find everything to enjoy on this disc, culminating in a programming coup of startling originality. Crowning this well-chosen, expressively-played, and vividly-recorded program is an extraordinary suite by fellow Canadian, composer Omar Daniel, commissioned for her and entitled After the Panorama. Would that other albums had so much care and thought put into them!" - Bill Parker, Allegro Quarterly

"Rachel Gauk is a high-quality classical guitarist. There's much going on here in this musical "Panorama" of 20th century Latin-American and Spanish guitar music. Quite introspective and flawlessly played." - Yvan Brunet, Standard-Freeholder

"Once again Ms. Gauk proves both her mastery of the guitar and her fine attack on Spanish and Latin American music." - Bill Watt, RPM Magazine

"Keep an eye on Gauk - she has some serious talent." - American Record Guide

Guitarist Rachel Gauk's musical panorama of 20th century Latin-American and Spanish works, from the traditional "Pieces Caracteristiques" of Torroba, to the enigmatic Suite Venezolana by Lauro. Features the premiere recording of Omar Daniel's "After the Panorama."

Catalog: MAR 191
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Track Listing

  1. Federico Torroba - Pieces Carateristiques: Preambulo
  2. Pieces Carateristiques: Oliveras
  3. Pieces Carateristiques: Melodia
  4. Pieces Carateristiques: Los Mayos
  5. Pieces Carateristiques: Albada
  6. Pieces Carateristiques: Panorama
  7. Pieces Carateristiques: Burgalesa

  8. Manuel Ponce - Cuatro Piezas Para Guitarra: Mazurka
  9. Cuatro Piezas: Valse
  10. Cuatro Piezas: Tropico
  11. Cuatro Piezas: Rumba

  12. Antonio Lauro - Suite Venezolana: Registro
  13. Suite Venezolana: Danza Negra
  14. Suite Venezolana: Cancion
  15. Suite Venezolana: Vals

  16. Leo Brouwer - Paisaje Cubano Con Campanas
  17. Leo Brouwer - Estudios Sencillos: XI
  18. Estudios Sencillos: XII
  19. Estudios Sencillos: XV

  20. Omar Daniel - After The Panorama (Homage To Torroba): Preludio
  21. After The Panorama (Homage To Torroba): Cancion
  22. After The Panorama (Homage To Torroba): Danza
  23. After The Panorama (Homage To Torroba): Elegia
  24. After The Panorama (Homage To Torroba): Finale

Total playing time: 60:19

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