Scarlatti: Sonatas

Rachel Gauk
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The sonatas selected by Rachel Gauk display an impressive range of expression, and are a wonderful showcase for her talent. "These transcriptions throw a fascinating new light on this familiar and well-loved repertoire." - Classical Music Magazine.

Catalog: MAR 163
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Track Listing

(Transcribers - names are in brackets)

  1.  K377 in B minor (Elliot Fisk)
  2.  K34 in D minor, performed in E minor (John W. Duarte)
  3.  K322 in G major, performed in A major
       (Carlos Barbosa-Lima)
  4.  K32 in D minor, performed in E minor (C. Barbosa-Lima)
  5.  K335 in D major (David Tanenbaum)
  6.  K336 in D major (David Tanenbaum)
  7.  K176 in D minor (John W. Duarte)
  8.  K87 in B minor, performed in D minor (Rachel Gauk)
  9.  K391 in G major(Carlos Barbosa-Lima) (Listen)
10.  K291 in E minor (Heinz Teuchert), K90 in D minor,
       performed in E minor - (Rachel Gauk)
11.  Grave
12.  Allegro
13.  Giga
14.  Minuetto
15.  K208 in A Major (Leo Brouwer)
16.  K443 in D Major (Leo Brouwer)

Total playing time: 60:57

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