Exoticism: The Music of Karol Szymanowski

Jerzy Kaplanek
Stéphan Sylvestre
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"Jerzy Kaplanek, a distinguished member of the Penderecki Quartet, and pianist Stéphan Sylvestre form an outstanding duo whose deep musical sympathies allow them to think as one... In the D minor Sonata they triumph [by] imparting a beguiling sensuality and volubility to Szymanowski’s stream of consciousness that is highly compelling... An outstanding release." - Julian Haylock, The Strad Magazine, September 2014

The power of Szymanowski’s music lies in its sultry sensuousness, an expressive world in and onto itself. Paradoxically, it is modern(ist) music which anyone in love with Romanticism will love: Jerzy Kapłanek and Stéphan Sylvestre have captured its essence perfectly. - Emma Caitlin Johansson, Panorama, January 2015

Karol Szymanowski said: "Our national music is not the stiffened ghost of the polonaise or mazurka … It is rather the solitary, joyful, carefree song of the nightingale in a fragrant May night in Poland."

His music is intense and virtuosic, with a unique brand of expressive, lyric modernism. This recording features some of his most popular music, mostly written in the composer's most productive period during the first world war, including the Violin Sonata in D Minor; the Nocturne and Tarantella; and the Myths.

Featuring violinist Jerzy Kapłanek and pianist Stéphan Sylvestre.

Catalog: MAR 437

Track Listing

Sonata in D minor    Op. 9 (1904)
1.              Allegro moderato    
2.              Andantino tranquillo e dolce  
3.              Finale: Allegro molto, quasi presto 

Nocturne and Tarantella    Op. 28 (1915)
4.              Nocturne, Lento assai  (Listen)
5.              Tarantella, Presto appassionato 
6.              Chant de Roxane from the opera King Roger (1918-24),
                 transcription by Paweł Kochański (1926)

Mythes    Op. 30 (1915)
7.              La Fontaine d'Aréthuse                                                   
8.              Narcisse                                                                   
9.              Dryades et Pan     

10.            Prelude Op. 1 No. 1 in B minor: Andante ma non troppo,
                (1899/1900) transcription by Grażyna Bacewicz

Total playing time: 63:32

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