Orion #05-Coleridge-Taylor: 24 Negro Melodies

Frances Walker
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Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
24 Negro Melodies, Op. 59
Frances Walker, piano

Coleridge-Taylor said of this music: "What Brahms has done for the Hungarian folk music, Dvorak for the Bohemian, and Grieg for the Norwegian, I have tried to do for these Negro Melodies."

The transcription of melodies contained in this volume is the most complete expression of Coleridge-Taylor's native bent and power. Using some of the native songs of Africa and the West Indies with songs that came into being in America during slavery, he has preserved their distinctive traits and individuality, at the same time giving them an art form fully imbued with their essential spirit.

Catalog: MAR 3105
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Track Listing

  1. At The Dawn Of Day (Loko Ku Ti Ga)
  2. The Stones Are Very Hard (Maribye Ma Nohoha Ngopfu)
  3. Take Nabandji (Thata Nabandji)
  4. They Will Not Lend Me A Child (A Ba Bolecki Nwanai)
  5. Song Of Conquest (Ringendje)
  6. Warrior's Song
  7. Oloba
  8. The Bamboula (African Dance)
  9. The Angels Changed My Name
  10. Deep River
  11. Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?
  12. Don't Be Weary, Traveller
  13. Going Up
  14. I'm Troubled In Mind
  15. I Was Down A-Yonder (Dum-A-Lum)
  16. Let Us Cheer The Weary Traveller
  17. Many Thousand Gone
  18. My Lord Delivered Daniel
  19. Oh, He Raise A Poor Lazarus
  20. Pilgrim's Song
  21. Run, Mary, Run
  22. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (Listen)
  23. Steal Away
  24. Wade In The Water

Total playing time: 75:57

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