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"The droll fiddle medleys capture the violin's whimsical qualities, while the down-tempo tracks capture its mysterious side." – The Peak

The debut CD from an exciting ensemble of ten talented violinists and fiddlers, representing a wonderful array of genres and styles. You'll hear: classical, jazz, country, rock, old-time, Texas-style, Bluegrass, Gypsy, Celtic and more. The music is both a showcase for the virtuosity of the musicians, and a tribute to the amazingly versatile, complex and lyrically romantic violin.

Their performances are "an evening of show-stopping hits strung together in glorious sequence... an awesome range of music. If it's violin or fiddle music you're after, you can't go wrong with Bowfire." - Robert Reid, Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Assembled by acclaimed jazz violinist Lenny Solomon, the group's Artistic Director, the CD features eleven violinists, piano, bass, drums, guitar, and cello. Lenny is joined by the ten other acclaimed violinists: Quebecois jazz talent Stephane Allard; classical virtuosos Moshe Hammer, Lara St. John, Scott St. John and Peter De Sotto; Bluegrass fiddler Ray Legere; George Gao, virtuoso of the Chinese erhu; Celtic fiddler Richard Wood; fiddler Shane Cook, and Daniel Lapp, whose wide-ranging interests embrace a host of modern styles.

Catalog: MAR 279

Track Listing

1. Fiddler In The 'Hood
    A funky fiddle tune, full of complex rhythms and shifting musical patterns.

2. Father Fugue (Listen)
    Begins with a fugue then morphs into a jazz-swing number. Bach meets Dizzy.

3. Suns and Moons
    Raga rock with the haunting sounds of George Gao on erhu.

4. Mystic Moon
    A cinematic ballad with a poignant and haunting melody.

5. Fiddle Medley
    An Irish tune in the French Canadian style,
    a traditional Scottish tune, and the all-American Sally Goodun.

6. Czardas Caprice
    Raw emotion meets virtuoso technique in this fiery Czardas.

7. Fire Dance
    A Celtic rock explosion!

8. Lazy Ray
    A blues duet between cello and erhu, with big-band jazz violins.

9. Introduction and Rondo Capriciosso
    A classic Romantic piece with a Bowfire twist to the orchestration.

10. Hungaria (Listen)
      Intoxicating rhythms and old-world harmonies: a Hungarian gypsy fantasy.

11. Estrellita
      A mellow, jazzy take on this Mexican classic inspired by Jascha Heifetz.

12. Orange Blossom Special
      Classic Bluegrass fiddle tune played with steam and whimsy.

13. Mattinata
      An impassioned tenor aria.

14. Galloping Horses
      East meets Wild West in this tour de force of erhu brilliance.

15. Fiddle Medley
      Richard Wood stepdances along.

16. Caravan
      A new take on a classic Ellington tune.

17. The Reel
      Each violinist takes a solo moment in this feel-good reel.

Total Playing Time: 70:18

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