Trio Norte

Trio Norte
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"It’s very sunny, optimistic music at home in any collection." – The Toronto Star

Passionate music performed on Spanish guitar, Gypsy violin, and Tango accordion is unforgettable. Trio Norte blends the heat of classical Flamenco sound, the joy of Latin rhythms, the vivacity of Klezmer and the great stylings of jazz. It's a unique mixture that comes to life in the hands of three awesome musicians: Trio Norte: Lenny Soloman, violin; Bill Bridges, guitar; and Sasha Luminsky, accordion.

Catalog: MAR 291
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Track Listing

  1. Nika Tika - Lenny Solomon, Bill Bridges, Sasha Luminsky
  2. El Vito - F. Obradors, arr. Bill Bridges
  3. Galicianer Chosid and Freylakh - Traditional, arr. Sasha Luminsky
  4. Besame Mucho - Sunny Skylar Consuelo Velazquez, arr. Bill Bridges
  5. Six Eight - Lenny Solomon, Bill Bridges, Sasha Luminsky
  6. B'aia - Ary Evangelista Barroso, arr. Bill Bridges
  7. Buma - Sasha Luminsky
  8. Fernanda - Lenny Solomon
  9. Requerdos De La Alhambra - Francisco Tarrega, arr. Bill Bridges
  10. Romanian Bulgarish - Traditional, arr. Sasha Luminsky
  11. Amor Flamenco - Laurindo Almeida, arr. Bill Bridges
  12. Tango Tzigane - David Rubinoff, arr. Lenny Solomon
  13. Espana Cani - Pascual Marquina, arr. Bill Bridges
Total playing time: 51:52

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