Full Well She Sang

The Toronto Consort
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"With grace and ease, we move from medieval cantiga to Renaissance madrigal. All are impeccably rendered, not a hair (or note) out of place here. A particularly satisfying performance." - Harmonia

This recording explores the lives and talents of women composers and singers from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the early Baroque. It features music by Hildegard of Bingen, Barbara Strozzi and Francesca Caccini. The music was programmed by Alison Mackay, former member of The Toronto Consort.

This CD was originally released by SRI in 1993.

Catalog: MAR 445
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Track Listing

In Cloister

    1. Casta Catholica   Anonymous
    2. Ave generosa   Hildegard of Bingen, c. 1170
    3. Puer nobis nascitur   Anonymous

At Court

    1. Je vous pri   Anonymous
    2. La Quarte Estampie Royal   Anonymous
    3. A chanter   Comtessa de Dia

Courtly and Popular Traditions

    1. And I were a maiden   Anonymous
    2. Defiled is my name   Robert Johnson, c. 1560
    3. John, com Kisse me Now ~ Anonymous
    4. The Queine of Ingland’s Paven and Gallyard
    5. Jouissance vous donneray ~ Claudin de Sermisy, 1536
    6. St. Thomas Wake  Anonymous (16th century)
    7. A North Country Lass ~ Anonymous(17th century)
    8. Doen Daphne d’over schooner maeght

Italian Virtuosity

    1. Ridon or per le piagge/Amor per qual cagion/Io d’odorate fronde ~ Madalena Casulana, 1570
    2. Mentre l’aura spirò   Luca Marenzio, 1582 (Listen)
    3. L’eraclito Amoroso   Barbara Strozzi, 1651
    4. Excerpts from La Liberazione di Ruggiero: Coro delle Piante incantate / Aria per pastore / Madrigale  per fine di tutta la festa  Francesca Caccini, 1625

Total playing time: 72:45

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