Throw the House Out of the Windowe

Terry McKenna
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"Popping Terry McKenna's first feature-length album into the CD player is like taking a trip back in time. Just close your eyes and you can imagine yourself in the ballroom or dining hall of a 16th century castle.". The Beacon Herald

"This ramble through the dance hits of the 16th century takes the traditions of the period seriously... The honest presentation and good humour [of McKenna's arrangements] both instruct and entertain." - The Globe and Mail

Throw the House 0ut of the Windowe (and other damn fine dancing tunes!) is lutenist and guitarist Terry McKenna's first-ever feature recording. The CD offers a wide-ranging selection of lively dance tunes from the 16th to 18th centuries that constituted the pop music of their day.

McKenna's imaginative arrangements often take these toe-tapping songs on a sonic detour from their original course, resulting in performances that feel fresh and improvised, and which cross boundaries of genre as well as geography.

The program derives from McKenna's own list of personal favourites. These include traditional tunes from England, Scotland and Ireland, songs from Playford's Dancing Master, and an original composition penned by McKenna as a tribute to the family dog, entitled "Belinda's Waltz and Chase".

McKenna is joined by a number of his musical mates. Ben Grossman, John Edwards, Sharon Kahan, Chris Verrette and Eugene Lascewicz. who contribute their expertise on both period and modern instruments, including renaissance lute, baroque guitar, cittern, hurdy-gurdy, Jew's harp, wooden flute, baroque violin, accordion, and an array of percussion instruments including bodhran.

Catalog: MAR 277
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Track Listing

  1. Throw the House Out the Window
  2. The Galloping Nag /Strawberries and Cream (Listen)
  3. Lady in the Dark /The Lord Monk's March / Welcome Home / Old Rowley
  4. The Spanish Jig/Spagnoletta
  5. The Spanish Pavin
  6. The Spanish Measures
  7. Bill Ellis' Hornpipe / McKenna's Jig / Belinda's Waltz and Chase
  8. Wooden Shoes
  9. The Cobbler / The Cobbler's Jig
  10. The Cobbler's Hornpipe
  11. Lament for the Death of his Brother / Lawers House / The Drummer / Jenny Nettles
  12. The Chirping of the Nightingale
  13. Come, Heavy Sleep
  14. Porter's Dream

Total Playing Time: 53:34

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