The DaVinci Collection

The Toronto Consort
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"Almost anything performed by the Toronto Consort cheers me right up. This band - so expert, so rhythmically alive, so humorous, at times so touching - has such an infectious time doing what it does so well, I just sit and smile." - Ken Winters, The Globe and Mail.

"There are some who think medieval and Renaissance music is dull and monotonous. They probably haven’t heard the Toronto Consort yet. This latest from them - The Da Vinci Collection - is beautifully put together. It’s colourful and spirited, tight, balanced and blended. And the recorded sound here is demonstration quality. You feel as if you’re in the same room with the Consort – it’s vibrant, rich and alive. A high class act. Five out of five." - CBC Sound Advice

This recording is a collection of music from Italy in the time of Leonardo da Vinci. Certainly Leonardo knew many of the composers represented, and might even have danced to some of the dance music.

The Toronto Consort, led by David Fallis, is one of North America’s leading early music ensembles, acclaimed for their brilliant performances and unique approaches to programming. The Da Vinci Collection, The Toronto Consort’s second recording for Marquis, showcases their instrumental virtuosity and rich vocal harmonies. The music ranges from frottola or secular polyphonic songs and lively dances to sacred works, and even a comedic song from Renaissance theatre. All together, this wide-ranging repertoire creates an evocative musical picture of this very creative time and place.

The musicians and singers on this recording are:
David Fallis, Artistic Director, tenor, percussion
Ben Grossman, hurdy-gurdy, percussion, saz
Katherine Hill, soprano, viola da gamba, rebec
Paul Jenkins, tenor, harpsichord, organ
Terry McKenna, lute
Alison Melville, recorder, renaissance flute
John Pepper, bass
Laura Pudwell, mezzo-soprano
Alison Mackay, viola da gamba

Catalog: MAR 357
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Track Listing

  1. Piva alla venetiana - Joan Ambrosio Dalza
  2. Viva Cristo e chi li crede - Anonymous
  3. Lirum, bililirum o Rossino Mantovano
  4. Io so ben quel che io so - Bartolomeo Tromboncino
  5. Tante volte: sí, sí, sí - Marchetto Cara
  6. Piva a due liuti - Joan Ambrosio Dalza
  7. Saltarello alla venetiana - Joan Ambrosio Dalza (Listen)
  8. Noi l'amazone siamo - Filippo de Lurano (Listen)
  9. Canzona de' confortini & Madre de' peccatori - Anonymous
  10. Vale, diva, vale in pace - Bartolomeo Tromboncino
  11. O tempo, o ciel volubil - Paolo Scotto
  12. Pavana alla ferrarese - Joan Ambrosio Dalza
  13. L'amor, dona, ch'io te porto - Giacomo Fogliano
  14. Pavana alla venetiana - Joan Ambrosio Dalza
  15. Canto di lanzi pellegrini - Anonymous, late 15th century
  16. Sú, sú, leva, alza le ciglia - Bartolomeo Tromboncino
  17. Recercare - Francesco Spinacino (fl. 1507)
  18. Dolce ire, dolce sdegni - Bartolomeo Tromboncino
  19. El mio amor è intiero amore - Bartolomeo Tromboncino
  20. Quella bella e bianca mano - Antonio Caprioli
  21. Recercare (based on Francesco Bossinensis)
  22. Saltarello alla ferrarese - Joan Ambrosio Dalza
  23. Non è tempo d'aspettare - Marchetto Cara
  24. Hor vendut'ho la speranza - Marchetto Cara
  25. Spingardo - Joan Ambrosio Dalza

Total Playing Time 70:32

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