Hummel: Sonatas for Fortepiano & Violin

Luchkow-Jarvis Duo
Michael Jarvis
Paul Luchkow
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Johann Nepomuk Hummel represents the supreme culmination of the late classical style. The current reappraisal of his music places him as the "missing link" – the logical connection between Mozart, Haydn and Schubert through Chopin to Mendelssohn and Schumann.

These Op. 5 Sonatas, from around 1798 when Hummel was about twenty years of age, feature youthful freshness, genial humour and melodic inventiveness.

The sonatas are performed by Paul Luchkow (violin and viola) and Michael Jarvis (fortepiano).

Catalog: MAR 419
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Track Listing

Sonata II in F major for Fortepiano and Violin
1. I Allegro con spirito
2. II Andantino con grand’ espressione. (Sotto voce e legato assai)
3. III Rondo alla Polacca. Un poco moderato (Listen)

Sonata III in Eb major for Fortepiano and Viola
4. I Allegro moderato
5. II Adagio, e cantabile
6. III Rondo con moto

Sonata I in Bb major for Fortepiano and Violin
7. I Allegro moderato
8. II Andante con variazion
i 9. III Rondo

Total playing time: 62:53

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