Italian Queen of France

The Toronto Consort
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The Italian Queen of France is a musical program inspired by Catherine de Medici – the most powerful and controversial woman in Europe during the 16th century. As a true daughter of the Italian Renaissance, Catherine believed in the power of art to glorify and decorate a powerful court. She was surrounded by the best musicians, dancers, painters, architects and poets, to bedazzle enemies and friends alike.

French music in the 16th century is an exquisite if little known repertoire. Under Catherine's influence, dance became a central part of courtly life. The CD includes a delightful excerpt from the very first ballet de cour given under Catherine's patronage and encouragement. Even the beautiful songs of the day were used for dancing, and the result is music, which is lively, powerful and sexy, just as dance music should always be.

Since its founding in 1972, The Toronto Consort has become internationally recognized for its excellence in the performance of medieval, renaissance and early baroque music. It is led by Artistic Director David Fallis.

The performers on this CD are:
Michele DeBoer, soprano
David Fallis, Artistic Director, tenor
Ben Grossman, hurdy-gurdy, percussion
Katherine Hill, soprano, bass viol
Paul Jenkins, harpsichord, tenor
Terry McKenna, renaissance and baroque guitar, lute
Alison Melville, recorder
John Pepper, bass
Laura Pudwell, mezzo-soprano

Catalog: MAR 481

Track Listing

  1. Bien heureux qui se peut dire - Pierre Bonnet
  2. Bransles de village - Michael Praetorius (Listen)
  3. Mon seul bien - Jehan Chardavoine
  4. Mignonne allons voir - Jehan Chardavoine
  5. La seconde Fantaisie - Grégoire Brayssing
  6. O madame pers-je mon temps? - Adrian Le Roy
  7. Je boy à toy mon compagnon - Claude Le Jeune
  8. Voyci la saison plaisante - Guillaume Costeley
  9. L'ennuy qui me tourmente - Jehan Chardavoine & Adrian Le Roy
  10. Avril l'honneur et des bois - Jehan Chardavoine & Jean d’Estrée
  11. Fuyons tous d’amour le jeu - Jehan Chardavoine & Jean d’Estrée
  12. Or nous resjouissons - Jehan Chardavoine
  13. Ton nom que mon vers dira - Pierre Clereau
  14. La nuit froide et sombre - Orlande de Lassus
  15. Spesso in poveri alberghi - Orlande de Lassus
  16. O combien est heureuse - Pierre Certon & Adrian Le Roy
  17. Puisque vivre en servitude - Pierre Sandrin & Adrian Le Roy
  18. Comment pensés vous que je vive - Claude Le Jeune
  19. Dessus le marché d'Arras - Adrian Willaert & Orlande de Lassus
  20. Bien heureus - Jakob van Eyck
  21. Voulez-vous donc tousjours, madame - Pierre Bonnet
  22. La brunelette violette - Claude Le Jeune
  23. Mon pere et ma mere - Pierre Bonnet
  24. Un jeune moine - Orlande de Lassus
Total playing time: 72:47

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