The Little Barley-Corne: Christmas Revels

The Toronto Consort
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"That CD from Toronto Consort? It transported me to another time, both historically and personally: to the time before my connection to Christmas got messed up by commercialization of the season. Can one turn back the clock? I think so. The performances are remarkable... For now I have this music endlessly on the car CD player. It will be a long time before I lose my sense of joy in these tunes." - Leslie Barcza, barczablog

"I’ve been buying early music recordings for nearly thirty years, and I’ve got to say that this ranks as one of the very finest, most delightful and beautifully done that I have ever heard." - Michael Burcke

"The Little Barley-Corne: Christmas Revels from the Renaissance" features Christmas, New Year’s and Candlemas ballads and dances from England and France.

The singers of The Toronto Consort are joined by their colleagues on harpsichord, viola da gamba, lute, recorder, hurdy-gurdy, and more. With special guest David Greenberg, violin.

Beautiful music for the holidays.

Catalog: MAR 457
This is a re-release of the 1999 recording of the same title.
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Track Listing

  1. The Little Barley-Corne (Listen)
  2. All you that are good fellowes
  3. Greensleeves and pudding pies/Bouzer Castle 
  4. Les Gavottes (Michael Praetorius) 
  5. Branle de l’official/Le bel ange du ciel 
  6. Une jeune pucelle 
  7. Ave maris stella/Noël nouvelet 
  8. Apostrophe au petit Iesu couché dans la creche 
  9. Now when Joseph and Mary
  10. Scotch Cap/A Scotch Firk/Scots Rant
  11. O salich heylich Bethlehem (Guilielmus Messaus)
  12. O Heilig Zalig (Jakob van Eyck)
  13. Lady Catherine Ogle/The Scotchman’s Dance
  14. Drive the cold winter away/Come follow follow me
  15. Jésus naît, tendre et blême
  16. Vray Dieu il n’est si doulce chose
  17. Annonciation de l’Ange Gabriel à la Vierge Marie
  18. Basse Danse "L’Annonciaion"  
  19. Chestnut/Kettle drum/The Symphony   
  20. Now Candlemas is come at last
Total playing time: 74:04

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