The Way of the Pilgrim

The Toronto Consort
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In medieval times travelling was often precarious, but full of adventure and excitement. From travellers en route to a sacred shrine, to wandering scholars, The Toronto Consort bring you pilgrim songs, crusaders’ laments and ecstatic dances.

The Toronto Consort is internationally recognized for its excellence in the performance of medieval, renaissance and early baroque music. They are led by Artistic Director David Fallis. Singers are joined by players on lute, recorder, guitar, flute, early keyboards and percussion.

This is a rerelease of a 2000 Dorian recording of the same name.

Catalog: MAR 465
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Track Listing

Pilgrims and Crusaders I
1. Como poden per sas culpas (Listen)
2. Seigneurs, sachiez
3. Ben pode Santa Maria
4. Chevalier, mult estes guariz
5. Quen quer que na Virgen fia

Wandering Scholars – the Carmina Burana
6. Clauso chronos
7. Virent prata
8. Bonum est confidere
9. Bache bene venies

The Last of the Minnesänger
10. Es fuegt sich

Pilgrims and Crusaders II
11. Jerusalem se plait
12. Nu alerst
13. Dame einsi est
14. Li departirs
15. Los set gotxs recomptarem

Total playing time: 65:42

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