Frescobaldi and the Glories of Rome

The Toronto Consort
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Girolamo Frescobaldi is one of Italy’s most celebrated early Baroque composers. This recording showcases his brilliance and musical diversity: his arias, motets, madrigals and villanelles are all included.

And there is music by his mostly Roman contemporaries, including Luigi Rossi and Stefano Landi. Frescobaldi's keyboard music is complemented by music of Ferrini and lute solos by Kapsberger and Piccinini. Inspired by Frescobaldi's dance-like sensibilities, there are tunes from the dance collections of Zanetti and Caroso.

Since its founding in 1972, the Toronto Consort has become internationally recognized for its excellence in the performance of medieval, renaissance and early baroque music. Led by a collective of Artistic Associates, ten of Canada’s leading early music specialists have come together to form the Toronto Consort whose members include both singers and instrumentalists. Whether portraying the haunting emotion of a minstrel’s ballad or capturing the sparkle of a rollicking madrigal, the Toronto Consort brings alive the glorious music of earlier times.

The instruments you hear on this recording are: Chamber organ, Harpsichord, Chittarone (the largest lute), Baroque guitar, Violoncello (1730), Soprano recorder, Drehleier 'Viola' (Hurdy Gurdy), Tabor, Side Drum, and Tamborello.

The performers are: Michele DeBoer, soprano / Ben Grossman, vielle à roue, percussion / Katherine Hill, soprano / Paul Jenkins, chamber organ, harpsichord, tenor / Cory Knight, tenor / Esteban La Rotta, chittarone, Baroque guitar / Alison Melville, recorder / John Pepper, bass / Laura Pudwell, mezzo-soprano / Margaret Jordan-Gay, Baroque 'cello

Catalog: MAR 497
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Track Listing

1.           Ave virgo gloriosa - Girolamo Frescobaldi
2.           Come perder poss'io - Frescobaldi
3.           Ciaccone - Giovanni Battista Ferrini
4.           Perche fuggi tra salci - Frescobaldi
5.           Voi partite mio sole - Frescobaldi
6.           O Iesu mi dulcissime - Frescobaldi
7.           In un boschetto - Luca Marenzio 
8.           Capriccio sopra la Bassa Fiamenga - Frescobaldi
9.           Non mi negate, ohimè - Frescobaldi 
10.         Fortunata per me felice aurora - Frescobaldi
11.         Lasso io languisc' e moro - Frescobaldi    
12.         Canzona detta la Bernardina - Frescobaldi
13.         Celeste giglio - Fabritio Caroso
14.         Mio ben - Luigi Rossi/Toronto Consort
15.         Ballo di Mantova - Ferrini   
16.         La Mantovana/Corrente - Gasparo Zanetti
17.         Dolorosi martir, fieri tormenti - Marenzio
18.         Toccata VII - Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger
19.         Canta la cicaletta - Stefano Landi
20.         Occhi che setè - Frescobaldi

Total playing time: 70:34

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