Orion #16-Mozart and Asioli

Kathryn Deguire
Orion Masters
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Mozart and Asioli: Keyboard Sonatas

Kathryn Deguire, Siena Pianoforte
Vladimir Pleshakov, 1785 Broadwood Grand Piano

This recording comprises music played on two very special and unique instruments: the 1785 Broadwood grand piano and the Siena Pianoforte, also known as the Immortal Piano.

The John Broadwood & Son grand piano is signed by the maker and dated August 31, 1795. This type of piano came into being around 1777 and went out of style around 1817. Its keyboard has 68 keys. The frame is made entirely of wood, necessitating low tension in the strings, of which there are three for each note.

For the first time on CD, the listener can get an authentic glimpse at the keyboard capers of a classicist on his day off. Asioli's music is a riot, and so is the sound of the 1795 Broadwood.

The history of the Siena Pianoforte (the Immortal Piano), beginning before 1800, is fascinating, and the tonal colours of its music are amazing. Kathryn Deguire plays some of Mozart best-known sonatas.

Catalog: MAR 3116
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Track Listing

Bonifacio Asioli: Sonata in G Major, Op. 8
1. Presto
2. Adagio (Listen)
3. Varatione

Bonifacio Asioli: Sonata in C, Op.8
4. Allegro Brillante
5. Adagio
6. Tema, 8 Variazione

Mozart: Sonata No. 11 in A Major, K.331 (1778)
7. Theme and Variations
8. Menuetto (Listen)
9. Rondo all Turca

10. Mozart: Variations K.455

Total Playing Time: 1:12

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