Orion #24-Satie for Two

Peter Kraus / Mark Bird
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Satie for Two
Peter Kraus, guitar
Mark Bird, guitar

Erik Satie's music sounds as vibrant and alive today as it did when it was written more than 100 years ago.

Deprived of a formal education by his father and disenchanted with the musical training available to him, Satie was essentially self-taught. Nonetheless, he rose to become an intimate of contemporary leaders in poetry, painting and music in France, and was a decided influence upon major musical figures. It was Satie the 'revolutionary' who in the late 19th Century introduced strange new progressions which paralleled Fauré and anticipated the innovations of Debussy.

On hearing French pianist Jean-Joel Barbier's recordings of Satie, Peter Kraus realized the possibilities of transcribing the music for the classical guitar. Peter began with the Gymnopédies and Gnossiennes for guitar solo. The greater complexity of such works as the Pièces Froides led him to transcribe for two guitars. Experimentation and revision ensued, with the collection of music on this record as the final product.

Catalog: MAR 3124
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Track Listing

Erik Satie
1. Trois Airs à Faire Fuir
2. Trois Nouvelles Pièces Froids
3. Trois Gnossiennes (I-III) (Listen)
4. Sarabandes I & II
5. Trois Gymnopédies
6. Trois Gnossiennes (IV-VI)
7. Troisième Sarabande
8. Deux Reveries Nocturnes
9. Deux Ogives
10. Songe-Creux

Total Playing Time: 49:43

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