After Hours (MAR 153)
Afternoon Reverie (MAR 337)
An American Affair (MAR 179)
Another Day (MAR 287)
The Art of Laurindo Almeida (MAR 3101)
The Art of the Cello (MAR 395)

Bach in the Wind (MAR 375)
Bach Meets Cape Breton (MAR 181)
A Baroque Harp (MAR 343)
Beethoven: The Late Sonatas (MAR 507)
Beethoven: Three Duos for Violin and Cello (MAR 3102)
The Best of Aled Jones (MAR 341)
The Best of Spanish Brass (MAR 505)
Bless Ye the Lord (MAR 243)
Blue Gardenia (MAR 221)
Boccherini: Six Sonatas for Flute and Harpsichord (MAR 3103)
Bowfire (MAR 279)
Brahms: Clarinet Sonatas (MAR 125)
Brahms Piano Quartets (MAR 377)
Britten, Vaughan Williams (MAR 127)
Britten: The Canticles (MAR 185)

Carl Reinecke and Friends (MAR 309)
Carry Me home - DVD (Mar 801)
Castelnuobo-Tedesco and Respighi Violin Concertos (MAR 407)
Celtic Mass for the Sea (MAR 149)
Celtic Memories  (MAR 169)
A Ceremony of Carols (MAR 327)
Chamber Music for Horn (MAR 157)
Charm & Passion of Youth MAR 205)
The Chinook Trio (MAR 141)
Chopin and Schumann: Piano Trios (MAR 411)
Chopin on Violin (MAR 235)
Christmas Vespers (MAR 335)
The Classic Trumpet (MAR 347)
Come Ye Makers of Song (MAR 255)

Danzas y Canciones (MAR 137)
The DaVinci Collection (MAR 357)
Debussy and Ravel String Quartets (MAR 379)

Elegies and Rhapsodies (MAR 215)
Enesco: Impressions (MAR 239)
Exquisite Fires (MAR 219)

Fanfare: The Stratford Music of Louis Applebaum (MAR 269)
Fantaisie Française (MAR299)
Flanders Fields Reflections (MAR 383)
Flight of the Nightingale (MAR 273)
Flying Solo (MAR 295)
Folk Songs of the British Isles  (MAR 102)
Forgotten Songs, Forgotten Loves (MAR 265)
Four Corners, No Walls (MAR 275)
Friendly Encounter (MAR 399)

The Galaxy Trio (MAR 225)
The Genius of Salzedo (MAR 117)

Handel, Vivaldi, Scarlatti (MAR 129)
Harp Sonatas by Rosetti and Dussek (MAR 3106)
Histoire du Tango (MAR 177)
How do I love thee (MAR 171)
How Sweet the Sound (MAR 361)

I Love Being Here With You (MAR 363)
Illuminations (MAR 297)
Impressions: Music of Georges Enesco (MAR 239)
An Indigo Christmas (MAR 321)
An Indigo Christmas - DVD (MAR 802)
Introducing Xiayin Wang (MAR 369)
It Takes Two (MAR 401)

J.S. Bach: Six Suites for Solo Cello - 2-CD set (MAR 509)
Jeux à Deux
(MAR 101)
Jillian Horton (MAR 317)
The Joy of God (MAR 175)
Jupiter String Quartet (MAR 371)

Khachaturian and Shostakovich: Violin Concertos (MAR339)
Kinloch's Fantasy (MAR 211)

Latin American Journey (MAR 303)
Learning to Fall
(MAR 237)
Lily Swings (MAR 393)
Listen to the Lambs (MAR 293)
Liszt: Complete Works for Violin and Piano (MAR 3104)
Love's Old Sweet Songs (MAR 213)
Lullabies for Benjamin (MAR 155)
Lyricism (MAR 281)

Manhattan Echoes (MAR 267)
Marais: Suitte d'un gout etranger (MAR 207)
Mendelssohn and Beethoven Quartets (MAR 405)
Mendelssohn, Dvorak String Quarets (MAR 351)
Mendelssohn Piano Trios (MAR 409)
Mosaics (MAR 333)
Mozart Quintets (MAR 3108)
Music From Banff (MAR 229)
Musique de chambre française (MAR 323)
My Angel (MAR 209)
My Heart Soars (MAR 199)
Mystras (MAR 313)

Naked Beauty (MAR 315)
Noël (MAR 227)

O'Carolan's Harp (MAR 195)
Orion: Aaron Copland: Piano Sonata and Other Works (MAR 3112)
Orion: The Art of Laurindo Almeida (MAR 3101)
Orion: The Art of Steven Staryk (MAR 3111)
Orion: Baroque Organ Masters (MAR 3113)
Orion: Beethoven: Three Duos for Violin and Cello (MAR 3102)
Orion: Boccherini: Six Sonatas for Flute and Harpsichord (MAR 3103)
Orion: Harp Sonatas by Rosetti and Dussek (MAR 3106)
Orion: Kogan plays Bach and Prokofiev (MAR 3119)
Orion: Liszt: Complete Works for Violin and Piano (MAR 3104)
Orion: Marais and Haydn: Suites and Sonatas (MAR 3114)
Orion: Mozart and Asioli: Keyboard Sonatas (MAR 3116)
Orion: Mozart Quintets (MAR 3108)
Orion: Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: 24 Negro Melodies, Op.59 (MAR 3105)
Orion: Sergei Prokofiev: Music for Cello and Piano (MAR 3115)
Orion: Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord (MAR 3110)
Orion: Strauss, Eisler and Casadesus: Works for Piano (MAR 3118)
Orion: Tchaikovsky: Trio in A Minor (MAR3109)
Orion: The Virtuoso Cello (MAR 3117)
Orion: Vivaldi: Beatus Vir (MAR 3107)
Orion: Granados, Klein and Martinu: Chamber Music (MAR 3120)
Our Own Songs (MAR 381)

The Parlour Grand - 2-CD set (MAR 501)
Passion and Piety (MAR 193)
Penderecki String Quartet - Britten and Shostakovich (MAR 173)
Penderecki String Quartet - Shostakovich and Schnittke (MAR 183)
Penderecki String Quartet - Schubert and Brahms (MAR 187)
Piazzolla: Intime (MAR 203)
Poulenc Plays Poulenc (MAR 403)
Praetorius: Christmas Vespers (MAR 335)

The Queen: Music for Elizabeth I (MAR 387)

Ragomania: Music of William Bolcom and Clare Fischer (MAR 397)
Real Emotional Girl (MAR 390)
Reflections (MAR 373)
Remembrance (MAR 307)
Return of the Wanderer (MAR 223)
Rhapsody Judaica (MAR 349)
Rising Sun (MAR 305)
Romantic Dances (MAR 241)
The Romantic Flute (MAR 9020)
The Russian Music Box (MAR 359)

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: 24 Negro Melodies, Op.59 (MAR 3105)
Scarlatti: Sonatas
(MAR 163)
Schubert Among Friends (MAR 365)
Schwanengesang/McMillan (MAR 151)
Sefarád (MAR 89)
Serenade (MAR 301)
Slow Fox (MAR 233)
Soaring With Agamemnon (MAR 231)
Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord (MAR 3110)
A Song for All Seasons (MAR 311)
Songs of the Lights (MAR 253)
Spirituals (MAR 115)
Spring Any Day Now (MAR 325)
Starry, Starry Night (MAR 503)
Start Again (MAR 319)
Stolen Gems (MAR 119)
Strauss and Franck: Violin Sonatas (MAR 385)
Susan Hoeppner (MAR 143)
Sweet was the Song (MAR 107)

Tchaikovsky: Trio in A Minor (MAR3109)
Throw the House Out of the Windowe
(MAR 277)
Thru the Wounded Sky (MAR 367)
Toward the Sea (MAR 147)
Trio Norté (MAR 291)
Trio Solisti: Brahms Trios (MAR 329)
Tunes Until Dawn (MAR 245)
20th Century Masterworks for Harp (MAR 165)


Vai Azulão (MAR 285)
Vivaldi: Beatus Vir (MAR 3107)
Voodoo (MAR 345)

Weber: Clarinet Concerto (MAR 271)


Youkali (MAR 217)